Aquaculture: Company F

Based in Brunei, Company F is involved in hatchery for shrimp fry, aquatic feed production, organic blue shrimp farming, capture fishers, and seafood trading. Currently, the company has three farming bases with 140 ponds producing 1,500 metric tons per year. By end of 2018, the production is expected to reach 6,000 tons per year. It serves clients worldwide, specifically in China, Australia, Europe, and Japan.

Owing to the stable climate and impeccable high water purity in Brunei, Company F's blue shrimp managed to obtain accreditation from ECOCERT (France), a highly-regarded European authoritative institution specialized in the certification of organic agricultural products. Besides, Company F's blue shrimp is also accredited as top quality raw food in various countries including: Brunei, China, United Kingdom and United States.