About Us

Strait Capital Investment Group has two missions and one is to create value for our investors and portfolio companies and another is to give back to our community. 

The Strait Capital Investment Group is an Asia-focused private equity company that specializes in providing growth capital to its partners. The three founding partners have collaborated with each other in the field of investment since the 1990s. The Strait Capital Investment Group was established by the founding partners in 2013 and gathered talents from diverse backgrounds to form an international team operating in Greater China, Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. The team has witnessed the formation and development of various sectors in Asia and the impact of economic cycles on Asian countries. Throughout these cycles, the team has deployed close to US$1 billion and generated top-tier returns for its investors.

The Strait Capital Investment Group is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its investors in addition to its portfolio companies. The team has two missions: to create value for its investors and portfolio companies, and to give back to the community. 

The Strait Capital Investment Group currently manages US$240 million of assets under management within the China Consumer Fund. This fund invests in consumer-related companies requiring growth capital, with particular interest in companies that specialize in food safety, healthcare services, and entertainment. Furthermore, the team provides business development support to enhance portfolio companies’ products and services through the extensive business networks the team has built with its partners in Taiwan and Japan. This approach matches quality products with established channels, increasing the competitive advantages of the group’s portfolio companies.

The Strait Capital Investment Group employs a total of thirteen professionals, with eight in the investment team and the remainder in the client management and back office team. Currently, the team has offices in Taipei and Shanghai and is planning in the near future to establish a Tokyo office that will enable it to deepen its relationship with the group’s clients. Going forward, the team will continue to pursue steady growth by keeping the interests of its investors and portfolio companies aligned, and will become one of Asia’s leading private equity firms.

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