China Consumer Fund

China Consumer Fund invests majority of the fund in Greater China

The Strait Capital Investment Group team capitalizes on its network of relationships and its multidisciplinary capability. The group manages close to US$200 million of assets under management within the China Consumer Fund. The team recognizes the forces that are altering investment strategies in China, and we know that change also presents opportunities.

Forces Revamping the Chinese Consumer Market

  • Transformation from manufacturing exports to a domestic consumption–centric economy
  • Implementation of a wide range of pro-consumption policies
  • Rise of China’s powerful middle class, estimated to be over 300 million, which is comparable in size to the population of the United States
  • Increased income results in higher spending power
  • Consumers are increasingly willing to pay for higher quality and better services

The China Consumer Fund focuses on investments that serve consumers in China. The fund intends to provide growth capital to companies that can make qualitative differences to consumers’ lives, and the team has a particular interest in companies that specialize in food safety, healthcare services, and entertainment.